Women’s Voices in the 2011 Parliamentary Elections

Center for Education, Counseling and Research – CESI has published the book Women’s Voices in the 2011 Parliamentary Elections [PDF], resulting from the work of Women’s Platform. The book includes an analysis of electoral lists, electoral programs and TV commercials.

By analyzing electoral lists we wanted to determine to what extent did political parties adhere to the quota of 40% of the under-represented sex, and we additionally analyzed the representation of young women on the lists. The basic question posed in the analysis was in what way do election programs address gender equality and to what extent they recognize gender issues as socially relevant. We especially analyzed the following topics: framing gender questions (are they being mainstreamed or ghettoized), is gender equality defined as a basic social/political value, do programs refer to laws and existing strategies, do they mention the employment of women, women’s entrepreneurship, unequal pay, social programs that are relevant to women (nurseries, elderly care, the extended stay in schools), maternity and parental benefits, mandatory leave for men, political participation of women, reproductive and sexual rights and freedoms (abortion, medically assisted fertilization), issues concerning the reproductive health and birth rate (gynecology clinics, pregnancy, obstetrics), violence against women, introducing sex education in schools, gendered aspects of education (gender segregation in the professions), LGBT persons and their rights, women with disabilities and ethnic minority women. When setting up these topics, we used the demands listed in Women’s Platform 2011 as guidance.