AD ACTE – Anti-Discrimination ACtions Towards Equality of women and men

The aim of the project is to increase the knowledge about the concepts, forms and consequences of discrimination (focusing especially on gender and ethnicity based discrimination), and also to increase the knowledge about legal and institutional frameworks for fighting discrimination among citizens, women’s civil society organizations and ethnic minority organizations, and male and female politicians.

The project consists of three interconnected programs: capacity building, research and monitoring, and anti-discrimination advocacy.The first program, capacity building, involves the transfer of knowledge to CWS (relating to the monitoring and advocacy of anti-discriminatory politics), but also to target groups, the women in NGOs, ethnic minority women, women politicians, young women and students through consulting and mentoring meetings, training and lectures, study visits. The second program, research and monitoring, involves the mapping, analysis and proposition of new policy solutions relating to the anti-discriminatory strategy in the sphere of political participation. The identification of gender and ethnic belonging in its intersectionality provides the grounds for a better understanding of problems and better argumentation of the political demands of target groups. As part of the program, a research on the subject of women in politics will be conducted, a handbook and a publication will be produced, and the monitoring of the implementation of anti-discriminatory politics will be carried out. The third program, anti-discrimination advocacy, involves the advocacy of a balanced political participation of women and men through public campaigns, roundtables and press conferences.

The project is implemented in partnership with the CEE Network for Gender Issues from Slovenia and in collaboration with the Serbian National Council.