Euroscepticism with a grain of salt

The extreme right-wing movement “I Love Croatia – No to EU” served in the sports fans’ campaign preceding the EU referendum as a perfect scarecrow for those who are still undecided whether to vote “for” or “against”. The mass media headed by HRT mostly ignore criticism of joining the EU voiced by leftist intellectuals.

Eurosceptics are die-hard rightists filled with irrational fears about the onset of a new Yugoslavia in which the Croatian language, identity, history and holy ground will be left to the mercy of the big EU players. Thus an almost unanimous consensus on joining this supranational entity is disrupted by some mindless, uninformed rightists, while other voices are hardly heard. Partly because they do not exist, and partly because it is not in the interest of the ruling political elite and their pet dog media machinery.

On this occasion Stipe Ćurković, Hrvoje Jurić, Mate Kapović and Boris Postnikov speak for H-Alter.