Press Articles

Slavenka Drakulić on Women’s Democratic Party

Slavenka Drakulić’s commentary on Tportal entitled “Women’s Party That Hates Women” refers to the electoral program of Women’s Democratic Party, concluding that it does not differ in any way from other parties’ programs, seeing as it does not take into account the specific needs of women.

“Women in Croatia have certain specific needs and problems. That does not mean they need a party of their own, but it does mean that every party should seriously consider these issues. Especially the one that emphasizes women in their name. There is no doubt that such a party – even with the lack of consciousness on the specific needs of women in society – would contribute to raising awareness on these issues. And even if it did not achieve great success, it might at least shake up the prevailing belief that women have no special privileges. However, they should have them.”

New book / Gender Equality and Discrimination in Croatia

The Office for Gender Equality has published a collection of papers entitled Gender Equality and Discrimination in Croatia, edited by Željka Kamenov and Branka Galić, based on the research “Perceptions, Experiences and Attitudes about Gender Discrimination in the Republic of Croatia.” It is important to emphasize that this is the first scientific research on gender discrimination in Croatia conducted on the national level. It was carried out in 2009 by researchers from the Department of Psychology and the Department of Sociology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Political Science and the Institute for Social Research. The author of the part of the research concerning the political participation of women, or the discrimination of women in politics, is a Professor at the Faculty of Political Science, Smiljana Leinert Novosel, Ph.D.